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D&D Encounters is Coming!

Here's your reminder that the next season of D&D Encounters is right around the corner: August 10 marks the first session of The Lost Crown of Neverwinter. Written by Erik Scott de Bie, the season follows the D&D Game Day adventure, Gates of Neverdeath. Create a 1st level character at Game Day, and use it throughout the encounters season!

You can create a character for this season using the rules provided in the following rulebooks. You may use any method listed to generate ability scores besides rolling.

  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands
  • Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
  • Rules Compendium (useful for alternate ability score generation methods)
  • Neverwinter Campaign Setting
  • Dragon articles that contain options supporting the above rulebooks

And remember: Run one session during the month of August as a Dungeon Master, and get your hands on the special bonus adventure: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, updated for 4th Edition. (The special bonus adventure will arrive 6-8 weeks later, and because we have limited supplies, this offer is only while supplies last.)

Want to find out where D&D Encounters is happening near you? Visit our Store and Event Locator or, encourage your local hobby retailer to sign up by contacting Wizards of the Coast!

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