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DnDClassics New Releases—the online PDF store containing classic content from every edition of Dungeons & Dragons including fan-favorite supplement materials and iconic adventures—continues to add new content to its virtual shelves. This one-stop-shop for D&D content offers an easy way to access and download favorite classic titles electronically by computer, mobile phone, or tablet (including iPads).

Coming to DnDClassics this week:

  • Psionic Artifacts of Athas (2E Dark Sun)
  • FRE1 Shadowdale (2E Forgotten Realms)
  • RA2 Ship of Horrors (2E Ravenloft)
  • SJR2 Realmspace (2E Spelljammer)
  • HS2 Orcs of Stonefang Pass (4E AD&D)

And, looking ahead to next week:

  • Tribes of the Heartless Wastes (2E Birthright)
  • Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs (2E Dark Sun)
  • Planes of Conflict (2E Planescape)
  • Heroes of Horror (3E AD&D)
  • E1 Death's Reach (4E AD&D)

RA2 Ship of Horrors

The mists of Ravenloft know no boundaries and observe no rules. One way or another, they always get what they want -- this time with some help from a cursed captain and his ship. Player characters boarding an innocent-looking ship will soon find themselves aboard a haunted vessel, destined for an island inhabited by a new form of undead creatures. But that's not the end of the horror-an evil necromancer lies at the root of the evil on the island. The battle isn't over until he's been defeated!

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