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Neverwinter Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary

For a year, countless heroes have carved out their sagas with spells and steel in Neverwinter, a free-to-play action MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons and Dragons. To celebrate this landmark occasion, the Neverwinter team has decided to host a special in-game event: The Protector's Jubilee!

Lord Neverember of Neverwinter has decided to host a festival so lavish that even the most powerful wizard in the Forgotten Realms, Elminster Aumar, could not resist the pomp and circumstance! During the event, revelers will enjoy new quests, a new skirmish, and plenty of rewards to help celebrate Neverwinter's Anniversary!

-    New Decor in Protector's Enclave – As part of the festivities, Protector's Enclave will be adorned with Anniversary Banners and will include a newly built rooftop garden overlooking the Market Square. The elaborately ornamented Protector's Garden will be open to all visitors during the event, but afterwards will require a Garden Key to access.

-   Helping the Harpers – As part of Elminster Aumar's visit to Protector's Enclave, he will enlist the help of adventurers to deliver messages to Harper agents scattered across the Sword Coast. Players of at least level 6 can receive up to two of these quests each day. Completing these quests will grant you Commemorative Figurines that can be exchanged for exclusive prizes!

-   The Protector's Speech – Lord Neverember has taken this time of celebration to address the people of the city, but unsavory elements will stop at nothing to disrupt his speech. It is up to you to prevent them from spoiling the celebration! The Protector's Speech is a scaling skirmish that takes place in Protector's Enclave. Adventurers will defend the city by defeating three groups of marauding creatures in different parts of Protector's Enclave. Defeat the hordes and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Completing the daily quests and skirmish will grant you a special event currency that can be used to purchase these rewards:

-   New Companion: Traveling Entertainer – A boisterous bard with several fiery tricks to dazzle allies and destroy foes!

-   Ceremonial Armor – A four-piece transmutable armor set for each class.

-   Ceremonial Cloaks – Four transmutable cloaks, a perfect way to celebrate the anniversary!

-   Throne of the Lion – Sit on your throne and ponder what you'll be doing next in Neverwinter.

-   New Fashion – Waterdhavian fashion is known for its dazzling and luxurious designs. This chic set is coveted by fashion enthusiasts along the Sword Coast and is sure to stand out in any crowd.

-   You can also receive: Celebratory Confetti, Elminster's Lunchbox, Anniversary Ham, and Elminster's Guide to Juggling.

Come join our week-long event in honor of Neverwinter's one year anniversary and celebrate with the rest of the Forgotten Realms! Here's to another year of Neverwinter!

Head over to the Neverwinter homepage to begin your journey in the Forgotten Realms. Be sure to check out the Hero of the North Pack, a bundle that features exclusive in-game items that will aid your adventures whether you're a seasoned dungeon-delver or just starting your Neverwinter saga.

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