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Trivia, Races, and Podcasts
February News and Reviews
Bart Carroll

Friday, February 26th

If you've been listening to the latest Seattle Geekly podcasts, you may have heard mention of their upcoming trivia night: Seattle Geekly hosts monthly geek trivia nights at the Neptune coffee house here in Seattle, and on April 16th several of us from Wizards of the Coast will be trying our hand at their swords n' sorcery themed night. So if you're in the area, stop by and see if you can defeat us in an epic battle of geek knowledge!

(Also mentioned in the Seattle Geekly episode on cartoons: the online comic Floodmud—in which we'll point you straight to the D&D panels!)

On the subject of podcasts, we've posted episode 12 of our Robot Chicken podcast series, along with DM commentary from Chris Perkins himself for the first 6 episodes (as we speak, he's in the studio recording commentary for the most recent episodes). In case you've missed the commentary versions, here's the latest:

The results from our latest poll are in—and it was a close one! We asked, which villain do you prefer in the media?

Zombies: 38.4%
Vampires: 31.4%
Werewolves: 30.3%

This time, with Player's Handbook 3 right around the corner, we wanted to take a quick survey on the races you're currently playing (and if you're playing more than one, you might select the race you play the most often)?

What race are you playing most these days?
Something else

Authors and Villains

Monday, February 22nd

It's a full day of writers and Dungeons & Dragons, it would seem! Over at suvudu, Matt Staggs posted the following blog entry about the game, the red box set, and several of the authors affected by D&D.

Do you have a favorite villain? The FR authors speak once again on the subject—though for a great many people these days, vampires have gone to the top of that list (we're looking at you Strahd). An NPR story covered the phenomenon of vampires in recent literature, including our own teen novel, Sucks to Be Me (listed on Margot Adler's rankings as her favorite teen vampire novel).

Which leaves us the questions, now that Benicio Del Toro's depiction of the Wolfman has released, will it also rise to the same fame that vampires and zombies have in recent years? Which villain do you prefer in the media (we're grouping books and movies together for this one)?

Which villain do you prefer in the media?

Have anything you'd like to mention or include in these news and reviews? Drop us a line at Or yell things at us directly.

10 Foot News

Thursday, February 18th

The Forgotten Realms authors speak once again! This time, Susan Morris asks, what could you never give up? For some, it's watching Shawn White pull off a successful double McTwist at the Olympics—an event beautifully captured as a skill challenge by Dungeon's

What else could you not give up? If you're entering the Tomb of Horrors, you ranked the following items:

10' pole: 35.6%
50' rope: 27.6%
iron spikes, hammer: 8.8%
small mirror: 8.0%
lantern: 7.4%
flask of oil: 3.5%
10' chain: 3.4%
waterskin: 3.3%
large sack: 1.3%
candle: 1.1%

And finally, for those of us who can't give up listening to director commentaries on our favorite DVDs, we've recorded our own version: a DM commentary for our current round of Robot Chicken videos; these can be found on YouTube and iTunes:

Monstrous Affection

Monday, February 15th

Ever wonder what creeps out Forgotten Realms authors? Susan Morris asked this question as part of her ongoing blog series, FR Authors Speak (as well as write). On a more post-Valentine's Day note, previous topics include Monstrous Affection (what's your favorite D&D monster).

When it comes to Valentine's Day, artists Jared von Hindman dropped us the following image… what can we say, it also follows the theme of creepiness, too!

Finally, what can be more beloved than a jaunt through the Tomb of Horrors. In the coming weeks, I'll be running folks through the original dungeon (using a composite of 4th Edition rules) in advance of the 4th Edition super-adventure coming out later this year. These folks have never played the original, and as part of the fun, they'll be encouraged to bring as much mundane gear as they wish, to help in their exploration. My question at the start of the week, what piece of mundane gear would you most recommend for this party to bring?

What piece of mundane gear would you most recommend for this party to bring?
10' chain
flask of oil
10' pole
small mirror
50' rope
large sack
iron spikes, hammer

Have anything you'd like to mention or include in these news and reviews? Drop us a line at Or yell things at us directly.

Back from Indiana

Friday, February 5th

It's been a few days since we last reported while we were off attending D&D Experience 2010. Ah, how we enjoyed the Fort Wayne Metropolitan Statistical Area—including some fine eating around town, and the complimentary Wi-Fi access at the Hilton… allowing for questions at the seminars coming in from folks listening remotely to all of the tweets and live blogging.

So you might have heard a thing or two about the backend of our 2010 product catalog, including a little boxed set known as Gamma World. If not, Gaming Brouhaha has a fairly extensive write-up of all the gathered tidbits so far. And then there was the 4th Edition version of the Red Box Starter Set. For folks who might not be aware of the rich history behind this set, we composed our own small ode some months back (including Pete Schaefer's update to the criminal wizard Bargle).

These days we must be feeling nostalgic—even Mike Mearls has a recent blog post up, praising the merits of designing with an old school outlook.

So when it comes to old school, we finally wrapped up our 4th Edition Blackrazor contest, having been truly impressed and overwhelmed by both the number and quality of your submissions. Your efforts—no small task, considering we asked you to write up an entire artifact—were much appreciated, and the decisions were not easy, but we did select and notify our top 2 winners:

  • Zach S.
  • Christopher T.

When it comes to Blackrazor, its most memorable characteristic may not even have been its soul-consuming hunger, but rather its description—likened to a window open to a piece of starry space from some other galaxy. For a great visual reference, you might take a look at the recent Clone Wars episode: The Mandalore Plot, with Death Watch's lightsaber making a pretty good impression of this fabled sword!

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