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Author Reading 1 (January 2009)
Richard Baker: Swordmage
Richard Baker

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Don't just read about D&D's latest news and announcements -- listen to them as well! And where better to find inside information than from the very halls of Wizards of the Coast.

In this episode -- the first of two podcasts this week -- we stray from our usual hosted format. Richard Baker, Forgotten Realms author, came into the studio to read a select passage from his most recent novel.


The first book in the Blades of the Moonsea series, Swordmage released in paperback this December:

Aesperus, the King in Copper

He was a fearsome necromancer who ruled over this part of the Moonsea hundreds of years ago, and survives as an undead lich who commands the dead of the barrowfields as his slaves.

Too many things that should lie dead and buried under stone rise and walk the Highfells once their tombs are breached.

No one is to open a tomb anywhere within land claimed by Hulburg, and it is considered high treason to collect anything of value buried in a barrow.

It's one of the few laws the Harmachs enforce without mercy.

But someone is robbing them anyway.

The second book in the series, Corsair releases this March; to preview the continuing story, we’re pleased to offer an early look at the first sample chapter:

Kamoth Kastelmar, Lord of the Black Moon

He was a sadistic young lord who charmed his way into the marrying the Harmach of Hulburg’s sister before he was exiled for conspiring against his new brother-and-law.

Now he is Captain of the Kraken Queen, High Captain of the Black Moon Corsairs—a ruthless pirate fleet that scours the Moonsea, raping, pillaging, and burning wherever they go.

He was willing to let bygones be bygones, but when the Harmach of Hulburg arms a warship to thwart his piracy, he starts taking their actions against him personally.

It’s time to teach the harmach a lesson in respect.

It’s time to raze Hulburg.

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About the Hosts

Mike Mearls is the dark hope of chaotic evil: young, handsome, well endowed in abilities and aptitudes, thoroughly wicked, depraved, and capricious. Whomever harms Mearls had better not brag of it in the presence of one who will inform the Demoness Lolth!

Evil to the core, Mearls is cunning, and if the situation appears in doubt, he will use bribery and honeyed words to sway the balance in his favor. He is not at all adverse to gaining new recruits of any sort, and will gladly accept adventurers into the ranks, but he will test and try them continually. Those who arouse suspicion will be quietly murdered in their sleep; those with too much promise will be likewise dealt with, for Mearls wants no potential usurpers or threats to his domination.

Jeremy Crawford is an editor at Wizards of the Coast, who does editing, development, and design for Dungeons & Dragons. His recent credits include the Player's Handbook, Player's Handbook 2, Martial Power, and Divine Power.

Rich Baker is the author of eight Forgotten Realms novels, including The New York Times best seller Condemnation and the highly acclaimed The Last Mythal trilogy. He has worked as a game designer with TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, Inc., since 1991. He’s written or contributed to more than seventy game products, including Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition D&D, and Axis & Allies Miniatures.

Rich resides in western Washington with his wife Kim and their daughters Alex and Hannah . He is a former US Navy officer and a graduate of Virginia Tech. His interests include Golden Age SF, military history, hiking in the Cascades, computer games, and the Philadelphia Phillies.

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