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Penny Arcade/PvP Ep5
Series 3

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Once more around the table! The folks at Penny Arcade, PvP, and Wil Wheaton sit down with Wizards of the Coast for a session of 4th Edition D&D.

Warning: This podcast contains strong language.

The Group

  • Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade): Jim Darkmagic of the New Hampshire Darkmagics
  • Jerry Holkins (Tycho from Penny Arcade): Omin Dran, CEO of Acquisitions Inc.
  • Scott Kurtz (from PvP): Binwin Bronzebottom
  • Wil Wheaton : Aeofel Elhromane ("Al")
  • Chris Perkins (R&D): Your humble Dungeon Master

In this episode, the members of Acquisitions Incorporated learn about the death and dying rules… but does it concern them, the boar, or the dwarf? They also learn that intimidating a bloodied enemy may force that enemy to surrender… may. And finally, they learn the might of a solo monster—essentially, four monsters wrapped in one.

Once through the guarded door, Acquisitions Inc. enters the mausoleum. The ground floor opens before them into a giant foyer, with a giant staircase leading up to balcony surrounded by a stone railing. Two braziers flank the doorway, emitting great gouts of flame, beyond which sits a gong. Two doors lead off from the sides of the foyer, one to a dining room, the other to a study.

But the foyer is not unoccupied. Waiting on the first landing of the staircase is the ghost of an elf… an elf with a very odd request.

A few items of note from the session:

That DMs' shiny Dungeon Master's Guide? That would be the Deluxe DMG. And the magic axe being used in the fight? As follows:

Transference Weapon
Level 7+
With this weapon, your enemies need take heed of what afflictions they place on you, lest they suffer them as well.
Lvl 7 +2 2,600 gp
Lvl 12 +3 13,000 gp
Lvl 17 +4 65,000 gp
Lvl 22 +5 325,000 gp
Lvl 27 +6 1,625,000 gp
Weapon: Any
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Transfer a condition or ongoing damage effect that is affecting you to the target you hit. The condition or ongoing damage continues to run its course as normal on the target.

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