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Penny Arcade/PvP Ep6
Series 3

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Once more around the table! The folks at Penny Arcade, PvP, and Wil Wheaton sit down with Wizards of the Coast for a session of 4th Edition D&D.

Warning: This podcast contains strong language.

The Group

  • Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade): Jim Darkmagic of the New Hampshire Darkmagics
  • Jerry Holkins (Tycho from Penny Arcade): Omin Dran, CEO of Acquisitions Inc.
  • Scott Kurtz (from PvP): Binwin Bronzebottom
  • Wil Wheaton : Aeofel Elhromane ("Al")
  • Chris Perkins (R&D): Your humble Dungeon Master

A long hallway branches off to a perpendicular hallway with three small chambers. In the leftmost chamber: a bedroom, wherein Binwin has awoken their dwarven adversary. The second chamber: filled with pulverizers. The third contains a glowing, runic circle… that matches the same runic circle on the floor below.

Acquisitions Incorporated prepares for their ultimate fight against Leer of the Ambershard Dwarves. As they approach the upper chambers, will they simply bust in and take the guards out? Or quietly bar the other doors, and take a sneakier approach?

As they remind one another, they're here for the gold, not vengeance. And, they strategize, do not allow Lear to escape up the stairs—that's where he keeps his rocket ship. Finally, don't let a low die roll prove the ineptitude of the Bronzebottom Clan.

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