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D&D Podcast: Class Compendium Cleric
Jeremy Crawford, Stephen Schubert

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In this episode, Jeremy Crawford (Developer) and Stephen Schubert (Development Manager for RPGs and Dungeons & Dragons) discuss the Class Compendium series—and in particular, changes recently made to the Player’s Handbook cleric.

Episode Notes

04:55—People would like some visibility into your decision making process. For purposes of the podcast, you could talk about some of the big-picture concerns over the Player’s Handbook cleric that prompted these changes. Was there a sense in R&D that the cleric was overpowered, being played by too many players, crowding out other leaders, or crowding out controllers? All or none of the above?

10:23—What do you see as the altered cleric’s strength? How does the templar differentiate itself from the warlord, bard, artificer, etc.? The cleric was already considered to be a second choice leader compared to the warlord, and these changes appear to widen the gap rather than close it.

13:55—Without the divine keyword, healing word no longer works with the pacifist healer. Will that be changed, or was it intentional?

14:26— Turn undead needed to be toned down, but why was it cut down this much?

19:41—The divine oracle paragon path is one of the few things many people agreed was causing problems. Why was it left unchanged?

23:45—Considering the angelic avenger.

25:15—Considering bursts and blasts, in general.

28:44—The tactical warpriest.

30:06—The Ritual Casting portion of the update removed Gentle Repose as a declared-given ritual, yet it’s not listed in the summary of updates. Is this an oversight?

31:11—Moving forward, and wrapping up.


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Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford is a developer for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. His design and development credits include the Rules Compendium, all the other books in the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials line, and Player’s Handbook 1–3. Jeremy cohosts the official Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

Stephen Schubert
Stephen Schubert is a game developer for Wizards of the Coast, and is the Development Manager for RPGs and the Dungeons & Dragons game. He has provided development and design work for many 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons products, including the Monster Manual and Player’s Handbook series, and Gamma World.
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