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Savage Encounters Preview 3
Peter Lee

You can fight kobolds and goblins only so many times before they start to get a little familiar. When you want to pit your beginning heroes against a different foe, the bullywug from 4th edition’s Monster Manual 2 may be what you’re looking for. Until this set, only one Bullywug has been in a D&D Miniatures set: the spear-wielding thug from early 2005’s Deathknell release. Savage Encounters brings this total to three. The common Bullywug Guard is a level 3 monster that literally leaps into combat. This soldier has the ability to jump in front of an opponent’s attack, taking the damage instead of his ally. Savage Encounters also has a bullywug leader: the rare Bullywug Mud Lord is an artillery piece ripped from the pages of the second Monster Manual. If you’ve been around long enough to have a couple of Bullywug Thugs, you have the makings of a diverse army!

We’ve seen a couple of slaad over the past year, but we have never seen the following two skirmishers in miniature form. As both the lowest and the highest level slaads in the Monster Manual, they extend the usefulness of previous slaad miniatures in your campaign. The uncommon Gray Slaad is the lower-level one, and he makes it easy to create level 13-15 encounters with creatures like Demonweb’s Blood Slaad. You’re more likely to find Demonweb’s Curse Slaad and Legendary Evil’s Talon Slaad with the new Black Slaad, a rare that extends the slaad threat to nearly epic levels.

When I was asked to provide suggestions for monsters in Monster Manual 2, today’s monster immediately came to mind. The Greenvise Vine is a member of an underutilized group of monsters: carnivorous plants. This miniature is pretty iconic in appearance. When you think of a carnivorous plant, who doesn’t think of a giant Venus flytrap? As a standard heroic monster, the Greenvise Vine is one of the eight Visible miniatures in the set.

That’s it for today’s figures. Enjoy!

Bullywug Guard

Bullywug Mudlord

Gray Slaad

Black Slaad

Greenvise Vine
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