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Savage Encounters Preview 4
Peter Lee

When I took over the design for the miniatures line, I had a short list of figures that I knew I wanted to produce, and this was on the top of the list. If I had to choose only one figure in the set to preview, it would be the Goblin Wolf Rider. I knew I wanted it to be uncommon, as I wanted it to be a figure a DM could potentially get a horde of -- it’s a pretty difficult figure to pull off, but I think it turned out well. We went through several iterations for a monster design, and we ended up with the simplest combined monster. It’s pretty tough for a goblin at level 5, so this skirmisher will feel far more dangerous than either a goblin warrior or a gray wolf. When a Goblin Wolf Rider is killed, consider replacing it with a goblin or gray wolf. That will make it seem as if the mount or the rider keeps fighting after the other is slain.

We don’t want the Goblin to be alone, do we? Here’s the other mounted figure in the set: this preview’s visible figure, the Human Outrider. I imagine a lot of uses for this figure: that external guard for a caravan, the messenger attempting to reach the distant village, or the first striker for a band of outlaws. Once this figure is in your hands, I look forward to seeing conversions of it with your own PC riding into battle.

Norkers have been around for a long time, but they haven’t been the most visible monster in recent editions of D&D. The old guard might recognize them from 1st edition’s Fiend Folio, while some may remember them from 4th edition’s H2, Thunderspire Labyrinth. It’s taken a while to get them into miniature form, but here they are. As a common miniature, you’ll be able to collect a heap of them.

Finally, two elementals from Monster Manual 2 are in the set. The uncommon Shardstorm Vortex is a combination of air and earth. It’s a bit like an animated sand blaster -- a desert wind that abrades away the enemy’s skin. It’s something you may want to collect in number, as it has a couple of higher level versions that are minions. The level 13 minion goes well with the rare level 12 Windfiend Fury, the other elemental from Monster Manual 2. They’re in the same set for encounter design reasons -- little Shardstorm Vortex eddies circling around the larger Windfiend Fury.

Next time: a look at more undead monsters you’ll find in Savage Encounters!

Goblin Wolf Rider


Shardstorm Vortex

Human Outrider

Windfiend Fury
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