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Savage Encounters Preview 5
Peter Lee

Today -- more undead!

For this preview’s visible miniature, we have the Skeletal Cyclops. Since I already had the zombie ogre (aka Zombie Hulk) in the set, I wanted another iconic foe in skeletal form, and as some people believe that the skull of an elephant inspired the greeks to create the cyclops, that monster was a natural choice.

The rare Nightwalker and the uncommon Bodak Skulk are together in this set as a potential encounter -- one Nightwalker and three Bodak Skulks is on the verge of being a level 19 encounter. They’re also thematically linked: a Nightwalker knows a ritual to create Bodaks from the creatures it slays.

If the border between paragon and epic is too high for you, we have a heroic level threat with the Uncommon Specter. This undead works well with our last miniature for this preview: the Inhabited Corpse/Fallen Villager. This is a dual purpose common miniature: on one side of the stat card we have a level 5 Warder that awakes and grabs a nearby character. This trap works in concert with a monster like a wraith or a specter: while the Inhabited Corpse grabs the player character, the undead moves in for the kill. The other side of the stat card describes a single-use terrain, the Fallen Villager. If you heal the fallen villager, you replace the creature with a human rabble; it’s up to the DM if this is someone that needs to be rescued or assisted.

That’s it for today; stay tuned for more previews of miniatures from Savage Encounters.

Inhabited Corpse


Bodak Skulk

Skeletal Cyclops

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