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Five DMs
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When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, where do you find your fellow gamers? Where do you play your sessions? And—perhaps most critically—are you more of a player or do you prefer the Dungeon Master's chair?

The job of the Dungeon Master can be a demanding one, we know, encompassing the role of director, storyteller, and (as some might see it) thankless antagonist pitted against the heroes. In the following video, we explore the gaming lives of five DMs running campaigns in Seattle and New York—looking at how they got their start and how they DM now.

As a fellow (or aspiring) Dungeon Master, you might have similar questions: How much do you prepare or run things on the fly? What tools, minis, and accessories find their way to your table? Must you know every rule, create your own, or surround yourself with knowledgeable players? DMs Jonah, Rich, Matthew, James, and Amanda answer these questions in their own gaming lives—and offer their thoughts on D&D and the role of the DM.

Our thanks to Executive Producer Kim Lundstrom, as well as Director Elaine Epstein, Producer Earl Wilcox, Editor Jillian Buckley, and the rest of the crew at Plannerzone and Underdog Films.

In addition, we offer the following follow-up interviews:

Part 1: Introductions, Encouraging the DM

Part 2: Tips & Techniques, Minis & Gameplay

Part 3: Meet-up, Fourth Edition

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