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Legacy of Acererak
Miranda Horner

Legacy of Acererak

From our recent Dragon Magazine article:

The legendary demilich Acererak was supposedly slain years ago by a band of fearless adventurers. But his legacy lives on. Could you be one of those touched by the demilich in some way? And is Acererak truly gone from this world?

Many dungeons fill the world, but few come close to the malice found in the Tomb of Horrors. The reputed resting place of the infamous necromancer, Acererak, the Tomb has tempted many heroes and fools alike into testing their mettle against the tricks and traps protecting the Tomb's fabled mithral vault. Nearly all have been found wanting. Regardless of how many descended into its labyrinthine corridors, fell victim to its innumerable hazards, or emerged maimed or mad, the dungeon has survived, promising the same death and despair as it always has to the next band that enters its darkened corridors.

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