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Battle Cleric OptionsD&D Insider Article
By Mike Mearls

This article introduces a new set of powers tailored for Strength clerics, aka battle clerics, along with an optional class feature, Battle Cleric’s Lore, which a cleric can take in place of Healer’s Lore.

The encounter attack powers presented in this article focus on two general paths. Both paths augment the cleric’s weapons, granting an attack or a damage bonus as part of the power’s effects.

In addition, some powers focus on shutting down an enemy’s attacks, forcing it to seek a more peaceful path or pay the consequences. Battle clerics have a saying that best describes this strategy: “When words of wisdom fail, a stout blow to the head will have to suffice.”

The other set of powers serves the battle cleric as a war leader. These prayers make your enemies more vulnerable to your allies’ attacks.

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