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Merindaelion, Barony of the Emerald BladeD&D Insider Article
Nerathi Legends
By Rich Baker

Situated on the western shores of the Sunrise Sea, the Emerald Blade Barony has long been a land with its eyes turned outward. The merchants and trading guilds based in Merindaelion’s ports flourish under the relaxed laws of the barony, and hundreds of ships from all over the world call here. Unlike with the large trading houses of Sarthel and other such centers, the merchants of the Emerald Blade are mostly private shipowners and individual speculators. In troubled times, they are quick to turn to piracy, making up for lost or interrupted trade by sending their ships and crews out to take what they can by force. As long as the baron’s share is paid, the authorities are happy to set loose Emerald Blade privateers on the coasts of Tithinia, Numoth, Relis Vullin, and sometimes even the kingdom of Rethmil.

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