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Arcanist Wizard

The end of the Class Compendium series, this week’s article focuses on the Player’s Handbook wizard. In addition to providing expanded story material for the class, the article contains updates that broadly fall into the following categories.

Enhanced Encounter Powers: Most of the wizard encounter attack powers now have some effect when they miss. The goal of this change is for wizards to provide dependable battlefield control when using almost all of their attack powers, even if this means simply dishing out area damage on a miss.

Reined-In Conjuration/Zone Damage: Sliding an enemy back and forth through a wall of fire—and thereby dealing absurd amounts of damage—is a poster child for an area of the game that is not working as intended. In this article, the conjurations and zones that could be exploited to deal damage over and over again have been changed so that their damage is limited, usually to once per turn.

Schools of Magic: We have broadened support for schools of magic by adding school keywords to many powers that lacked them. This change gives the mage, and anyone else using benefits based on schools, further options.

(700 Kbs PDF; updated 1/11/12)
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