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Relics of the DivineD&D Insider Article
Bazaar of the Bizarre
By Jeff Morgenroth

Holiness does not die with the flesh, but lives on in the remains of the virtuous. Though fragments of mighty empires and ancient magic litter the world, few items possess the wonder of holy relics, which have a history and substance entwined with a deity. These objects are not only items of power, but of veneration, and they serve as symbols of their god’s presence in the world.

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    About the Author

    Jeff Morgenroth is a regular contributor to D&D Insider, the digital tome he uses to share his love of gaming with his fellow adventurers. He works, thinks, writes, and tinkers on the outskirts of Seattle. Seek him wherever a chorus of frogs drown out the sounds of the highway, or where heavy-metal power chords shatter the still of dark places.

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