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Dragon Anniversary
By Gary Gygax (afterword by Kim Mohan)

The DRAGONCHESS game is a fantasy-based variation of chess, in which the object of the game (as in standard chess) is to checkmate the opposing King. An understanding of the rules of chess is helpful in order to understand how DRAGONCHESS is played.

The playing surface for DRAGONCHESS is a three-tiered structure of rectangular boards, with each board composed of a grid 12 squares wide and 8 squares deep. The squares are alternately colored light and dark (or other color tones that contrast with each other), configured so that a light-colored square is in the near right-hand corner when the board is viewed from the longer side. The upper board represents the air, the middle board the land, and the lower board the subterranean world. To simulate the various environments, it is suggested that the squares on the upper board be colored light blue and white; on the middle board, light green and amber; and on the lower board, red and brown. Each board is the starting place for pieces particular to its environment; some pieces cannot move up or down off the board they begin on, but other pieces can travel between two or even all three boards. The opposing forces are designated as Gold and Scarlet, with Gold always moving first.

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