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Dragon #426D&D Insider Article
Steve Winter, Adam Dray, David Noonan, Tim Eagon, Alexander Gersh, Ed Greenwood

D ungeons & Dragons and mystery don’t mix—or do they? This month, tales of fantastic mystery, a library of useful locations, the improviser's cheat sheet -- plus, the courtier, the spy, and the vigilante added to your library of character themes.

We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon #426. Inside you'll find:

  • Editorial: It’s a Mystery, by Steve Winter
  • Tales of Fantastic Mystery!, by Adam Dray
  • Crime Scenes, by David Noonan
  • The Inquisitive, by Tim Eagon
  • Urban Intrigue Themes, by Alexander Gersh
  • The Improviser’s Cheat Sheet, by David Noonan
  • The Bold Folk of Baldur’s Gate, by Ed Greenwood

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    What happened to the Art Gallery for this issue?
    Posted By: Aventhar (9/19/2013 7:58:46 PM)



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