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Big TroubleD&D Insider Article
by Logan Bonner

The Legendary Evils set of D&D Miniatures gave us some of the most inspiring Huge miniatures so far. But it's often difficult to find a use for Huge monsters in a regular campaign. Now, many of the minis from that set have even more options thanks to this installment of the Bestiary series. We're giving you more ways to use these monsters throughout the paragon and epic tiers of play, so there's no excuse to leave those Huge minis on the shelf anymore.

From titans that soar through the sky tossing thunderbolts to the massive demons that dwell deep in the Abyss, mammoth creatures populate all regions of the Dungeons & Dragons world. This article gives you more options for using existing Huge creatures throughout paragon and epic levels. There are high-level elites turned into lower-level solos, and vice-versa. Each monster has a twist in its storyline so that it plays differently than a normal monster of the type would if it had its level increased or decreased.

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