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Barbarian EssentialsD&D Insider Article
The Way of Rage
By Rob Heinsoo

You don’t have to be tricky, tactical, or clever to have fun with the barbarian. You have to roleplay a bloody-minded warrior, figure out when you want to rage with your strongest attack powers, and live with the fact that your power and your low defenses make you an excellent target. As a barbarian, you’ve made Achilles’s original Homeric choice: one year as a lion instead of decades as a sheep. Check out this article's rageblood, thaneborn, thunderborn, and whirling barbarians.

I raced ahead of her hand-over-hand, leaping to the top of the cliff before the others. The great beast sliding through the boulders toward me was the Enemy, a stench-thing from outside the world with a buzzing pile of mandibles and eyes. I saw the sudden fear in its eyes and I knew who I was. ‘This is rage,’ I thought as I screamed with thunder and followed my axe.

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    About the Author

    Rob Heinsoo led the design of the 4th Edition D&D Roleplaying Game. His 4th Edition design credits include Martial Power and the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide. His other game designs include Three-Dragon Ante and Inn-Fighting.

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