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Wardens of the BreachD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Robert J. Schwalb

There are places where elemental breaches from the Dawn War remain. They are sealed, but imperfectly, and elemental energy leaking through sometimes contaminates nearby primal spirits. While any primal character might find his or her evocations altered in minor ways by communing with these spirits, wardens, in particular, might experience astonishing changes with their powers, especially in the guardian forms they assume. Such defenders are called breach wardens.

Long ages separate the present from the days when the primordials ruled the world, yet their influence lingers still. In remote corners and forgotten regions, edifices to the primordials remain in the form of monuments, strange and unstable landforms, and violent storms spawned from extraplanar rumblings. The threat these instances pose have lost much of their fury, but from time to time, the old powers return to the world, violating the primal wards hedging out both the elemental and divine from charting the world’s course, and visiting chaos of a kind that echoes the conflict in the world’s earliest era.

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer whose more recent work can be found in Player’s Handbook 3, Martial Power 2, and Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons.

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