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Clerics of the Covenant of WarD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Matt James

Battle priests of Kord require twice the training, determination, and grit of any conventional soldier. Kord's loyal followers train for countless hours to be the best. A small group of his followers is even more zealous than the rest. This feared and respected group, called the Covenant of War, consists of a military-type hierarchy that emphasizes merit and accomplishment. Only one rule exists within this organization: Come with all you have or do not come at all. They uphold standards of strength and ability at all costs.

Clerics who wish to learn more of the battlelord’s Covenant of War are encouraged to seek out sacred temples located throughout the known world. Within each one resides a secret gladiatorial testing ground where only the strong survive. Failure in these gladiatorial contests means permanent expulsion from the Covenant’s place of worship and denial at any attempt for readmission.

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    About the Author

    Matt James is a disabled combat veteran, having earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart from his recent service in the United States Army. When not freelance writing for Dungeons & Dragons, he works on developing his website ( Follow Matt online at james_fr.

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