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Class Acts
By Daniel Marthaler

Summoning as wizards know it does not rely on helpful or even friendly beings coming to their aid. Rather, their arcane powers tear dangerous and hostile creatures from locations throughout the planes and bind them in a semblance of servitude. The summoned creatures struggle endlessly against their eldritch bonds, and their natural inclinations take over if the wizard’s attention waivers. Many would-be summoners have met their ends at the hands of their own summoned creatures, unable to control that which they called, but the lure of such power draws ever more to its pursuit.

Let others concern themselves with the cheap thrills of flashy pyrotechnics. Together we will walk a path of truer power. What good is a momentary blast of fire when we can call forth a blazing beast from the fiery heart of the Elemental Chaos itself and bind it to our whim? Those with the will and mettle to break a raging demon’s spirit find great rewards come with the very real risk to body and soul that accompanies conjuring such creatures. For those without: Professor Fleeney’s course on setting things on fire is down the hall and to your right.

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    About the Author

    Daniel Marthaler is an avid gamer with soaring delusions of grandeur and dreams of breaking into the industry. Despite being 6’ 3”, he has a peculiar love of the wee races that populate the game, most notably the gnomes and kobolds.

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