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Crimson Knights of Bael Turath
By Mike Mearls

As part of an ancient bargain, Asmodeus compelled each of the other eight lords of Hell to impart one secret of their magic to the warlocks of Bael Turath. The lords of Hell, loathe to surrender an iota of their might to mortals, attached a price. Each spell’s destructive power required a sacrifice, either from the warlock or from the spell’s victim. The grasping, hungry nature of these spells makes them more likely to harm a target, but this benefit comes at the price of the warlock’s life force.

To this day, some folk believe that Bael Turath fell only because of Arkhosia’s overwhelming might, a power that not even the Prince of Hell could overcome with the boons he offered. The Crimson Knights stood as one of Bael Turath’s most potent weapons. A cadre of paladins and warlocks, these crusaders were the cutting edge of the empire’s war machine. Their power rested at the center of the compact between Asmodeus and Bael Turath.

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    About the Author

    Mike Mearls is the Lead Designer for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. His recent credits include Player’s Handbook 3, Hammerfast, and Primal Power.

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