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Hazards of Dark Sun
Campaign Classics
by Gary Astleford

Campaign Classics returns to Dragon with these hazards from the desert world of Athas. Traveling any desert is risky, but on Athas, as if the heat, sun, and sand weren’t enough, travelers would be warned to keep an eye out for plants like these: the dew frond, sand cactus, and spider cactus.

Athas, the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting, presented Dungeons & Dragons players with one of the most challenging environments ever conceived of in a roleplaying game. It was a strange and alien world populated by a myriad of terrifying creatures and unusual races. Though metal was a rarity, psionics were everywhere. The beasts that characters encountered beyond the walls of the seven city-states were dangerous, but they were not the only hazards that heroes faced.

About the Author

Gary Astleford has been a freelance writer and game designer since 2003. In that time, he has been fortunate enough to write for companies such as Black Industries, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, and Wizards of the Coast, to name a few. Currently, he lives in Fairfax, Virginia, with his wife and two children.

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