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By James Wyatt and Keith Baker

Keith: Eberron has come a long way over the last seven years. When I submitted my one-page setting proposal to the Fantasy Setting Search, the world didn't even have a name. Working with James Wyatt, Bill Slaviscek, and Chris Perkins on the original campaign setting book is one of the highlights of my professional career. Since then, dozens of designers and authors have shaped the world into its current form, not to mention the countless players and DMs who have embraced the setting and brought their own ideas to the table. Watching it grow has been an amazing experience for me.

James: Similarly, working on Eberron all those years ago was a major milestone in my career as well, second only to my work on D&D's 4th Edition. I love the experience of collaborative creativity, and the Eberron design process offered so many chances to sit in a room full of smart people and bounce ideas around. It also launched my novel-writing, because so many great story ideas bounced around all those rooms that I must have caught a bug or something.

Keith: As proud a parent as I might be, I've had many regrets: things we left out of the original Eberron Campaign Setting; a layout that made it difficult for DMs to share the book with players who wanted to be kept in the dark about the secrets of the world. As a result, I was excited to have a second chance to get this right.

So let's look at Five Things I Like About 4E Eberron.

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    About the Authors

    James Wyatt is the D&D Design Manager for Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying R&D. He was one of the lead designers for 4th Edition D&D and the primary author of the 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. He was one of the designers of the Eberron Campaign Setting, and is the author of several Eberron novels.

    Keith Baker has been an avid fan of Dungeons & Dragons since grade school. His life took a dramatic turn in 2002 when he submitted the world of Eberron to the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search. In addition to developing the Eberron Campaign Setting and Shadows of the Last War, he has worked for Atlas Games, Goodman Games, and Green Ronin.

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