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Rediscovering SigilD&D Insider Article
Design & Development
By Michele Carter and Bill Slavicsek

Michele: When the RPG R&D team leads first started talking about the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 outline, we knew we wanted to include a sample city, much like Fallcrest in the first Dungeon Master’s Guide. Sigil had been mentioned before as an option, and it was Mike Mearls who officially championed the idea when it came down to the decision. I provided an enthusiastic “seconded!”, and the motion passed without much further debate. We’d already established Sigil as having a place in the 4th Edition cosmology (I remember needling James Wyatt for a paragraph to make sure it was mentioned in the first DMG), so presenting the city as a paragon-tier “home base” was a natural next step.

Bill: I volunteered to take on the 47-page section that was devoted to paragon campaigns and the City of Doors. I had some past experience with the Planescape setting, and I was always a big fan of Sigil in particular. Michele pulled together a bunch of research material and helped me outline the section, then I started writing.

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