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Dragon Editorial
by Chris Youngs

It’s another big month here at Wizards of the Coast, especially for Dungeons & Dragons. Since we didn’t feel we’d shaken things up enough—or given ourselves enough to do—we went ahead and launched a new D&D website. We hope you’re as happy with this new site as we are. It's been a labor of love for well over a year now, and we think it shows the hard work of everyone involved. We also think that users, both new and old, will have a better experience on the site, and that it’s never been easier to find the content you’re looking for.

But wait, there’s more!

As you may have noticed, since we pushed all of our DM support into Dungeon Magazine, Wednesdays are looking pretty crowded on the content calendar. We were pretty sure this would be a side effect of the change, but building out the October calendar really cemented this in our minds.

In addition, we’ve come to recognize that player content in Dragon Magazine has grown, well, plump. Our features are routinely hitting ten pages and up, and this makes for a lengthy online reading experience. Plus, it means that we’re spending more words on fewer topics. As a result, we’re making one more significant change to how we’re approaching D&D Insider content.

Starting in November, we’re moving to a five-day-a-week content schedule. You might have seen this writing on the wall, considering our new content calendar features five days in a week rather than three like the old calendar.

The biggest change (other than two extra days of new content) is that we’re moving away from extra-long feature articles. We’re still intending to do several longer features each month, but they’ll be about half the length of our longest features to date. The rest of the month, we’re going to bring you a series of shorter, 2- or 3-page articles focused around a single concept, and typically tied together with new mechanics. You’ll see many more Class Acts articles in this new scheme, as well as articles focused around races (Winning Races), faiths (Channel Divinity articles), roles (Know Your Role), and power source (Power Play), among others.

Why these shorter, more frequent articles? We’ve looked at articles our subscribers are downloading the most, and this is the direction the data is guiding us. The major reason, however, is that we know bigger articles often mean that a given issue doesn't have something for every player. We're aiming to change that. If your class isn’t represented one month, then your race, power source, role, or another element of your character should be. If it still isn't, then let us know.

Dragon has long attempted to be as inclusive of every player as possible in a given month. Now we’re taking steps to fully realize that vision, starting in November. Stay tuned for next month’s content calendar, which will be hitting the site later this month.

On to my monthly call for more information. What class or race do you think has been under-represented in Dragon? What should climb to the top of the list? What about faiths? We know you like the Raven Queen, and we hope this month’s Channel Divinity goes a long way toward satisfying your craving for more Lady of Fate goodness, but what other deities do you want to see explored? Let us know at Also check out our updated writer’s guidelines and send your pitch to! New authors are coming to our attention all the time, and you could be next!

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