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The Ashen Covenant
By Ari MarmellArt by Dave Allsop

The cult of Orcus is widespread—and growing rapidly in the world. But few sects have become as powerful as The Ashen Covenant, a group devoted to the Prince of Undeath’s ascension to godhood. However, evil has the tendency to feed on itself, and not all is peaceful among Orcus’s faithful. Elder Arantham, the Covenant’s founder and leader, faces challenges from within, as well as the destruction of his cult’s rivals without. This article details The Ashen Covenant, including their heucuva leader, his chief rival, a pair of new undead menaces favored by Orcus’s followers, and more!

The majority of cults dedicated to Orcus are, in a way, predictable evils. They seek destruction for its own sake, they collect innocent blood to slake their lord’s thirst, and they possess his hatred for all life. Horrible, yes. Vile, absolutely. But these are localized evils, which are manageable in their own way.

About the Author

Ari Marmell has been writing RPGs and fiction for many years now, and has over a dozen credits for Wizards of the Coast. He most recently contributed to the upcoming Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons supplement (due out later this year), as well as several Dragon articles and a 4th Edition update to “Last Breaths of Ashenport” for Dungeon Magazine.

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