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Wish Upon a Star
by Bruce R. Cordell

Warlocks sometimes seize arcane power by swearing pacts to questionable entities beyond the world. Such shortcuts are sometimes judged foolhardy by lore-wise wizards who spend years studying their way to mastery. The star pact connects its follower to what many believe are simple stars, though others describe them as horrific monsters. Do star pact warlocks swear their oaths to simple stars, to unfathomable entities of the Far Realm -- or are these oaths given to a terrible combination of the two? When you wish upon a star, horrifying dreams may follow.

The cold, brilliant, and utterly strange stars are a source of power for a select and rare breed of individuals: star pact warlocks. They reach out to the lightless space between the stars -- some say to the Far Realm beyond -- seeking power where few dare to dream. "Wish Upon a Star" presents new options for these daring warlocks, including several feats, powers, a paragon path, and even an epic destiny.

About the Author

Bruce Cordell is a D&D designer, but during his twelve years in the game industry, he has dabbled in miniatures, board games, collectible card games, d20 games, and more. Bruce has over sixty listed credits to his name, including the Expanded Psionics Handbook, Libris Mortis, and Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. His body of work also includes three published Forgotten Realms novels (Lady of Poison, Darkvision, and Stardeep), with more on the way.

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