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Playing Shadar-kaiD&D Insider Article
by Chris Sims

Once humans who hoped to cheat death, the shadar-kai, natives of the Shadowfell, have forged an identity all their own. Thrill seekers and devotees of the Raven Queen, they have spread across the Multiverse, even to the mortal realm. With "Playing Shadar-kai," you can now play this fully supported race with new racial feats, paragon paths, and more. Learn about the culture of the shadar-kai in detail, and decide whether you will fight for the glory of the Raven Queen or turn your back on your heritage and seek another route to glory and adventure.

Long eons in the Shadowfell have shaped the shadar-kai into a fiery and, some say, cruel people. Fighting the apathy pervasive in their home plane, shadar-kai live passionately and fearlessly, if grimly. They see themselves as instruments of death and dissolution, the bringers of the righteous end to complacency, stagnation, and life itself. Theirs is a harsh society of self-interest. Among shadar-kai, the strong of body and mind excel and create legends. The weak molder to dust, passing into eternity unremembered.

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims works as a game designer and web specialist for Wizards of the Coast. His recent credits include the 4th Edition Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide, as well as the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

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