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Volcanic DragonD&D Insider Article
By Greg Bilsland

Another playtest opportunity is here, exclusively in Dragon! This time, test drive a new catastrophic dragon from Monster Manual 3. Check out the article, give the dragon a spin, and send us your feedback at!

Volcanic dragons are an utterly destructive force on the battlefield. Although they are fast fliers, they prefer to swoop in and fight on an earthen surface where they can take advantage of their powers. A volcanic dragon prefers to focus its attention on any enemy dragons or draconic humanoids. Otherwise, it just sows as much chaos and destruction as possible. The dragon uses its powers to make the battlefield a hellish landscape, forcing enemies to maneuver around fissures and volcanoes if they want to avoid burning lava.

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    About the Authors

    Greg Bilsland is a game editor and game designer at Wizards of the Coast. His recent and upcoming design credits include the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, Monster Manual 2, Divine Power, and Primal Power. His recent editing credits include Player's Handbook 2 and Monster Manual 2. He welcomes anyone with twitter to keep up with his work at

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