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Playing VistaniD&D Insider Article
Mysterious wanderers, orphans of three deities and three worlds.
By Chris Sims

Vistani are a nomadic people who travel in caravans of rolling house wagons, storage wagons, people, pets, and livestock. Well known is the fact that such Vistani clans roam the world, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell. Less known is that each clan has elders that know rituals and sites to cross between these planes. Hence, a Vistani caravan might be found anywhere in the parallel worlds between the elemental and immortal realms. Now they can enter your campaign world, too.

Without homeland, the Vistani roam the world and its reflections. They weave enigmatic stories of their past, and their ways are inscrutable to outsiders. Vistani clans, full of folk of differing races, rove outside the politics and concerns of civilized places. Their magic and guile allow them to safely traverse the dark gulfs between settled areas and cross the walls between worlds. To sedentary people, these numinous vagabonds bring exotic goods, news, services, and skills. They take away new friends, orphaned children, and survival essentials, as well as more valuables than, perhaps, they honestly earned.

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims is a mysterious person who wanders the lands and travels the mists between varied duties as a member of RPG R&D for Wizards of the Coast. He is independent of the bonds that shackle the lords to their domains and the folk to their dreary, oppressed existence. One might say he is among the strangest characters in RPG R&D, because in spirit he is free. His works include writing, development, editing, and general troublemaking for D&D Insider, as well as parts of Dungeon Master's Guide, Martial Power, Monster Manual 2, Eberron Campaign Guide and Eberron Player's Guide, and a few official D&D adventures.

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