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Playing Vistani, Part 2D&D Insider Article
Secrets of the Caravans
By Chris Sims

Being a Vistani means having the Vistani Heritage feat, which is a bloodline feat. An assortment of unique bloodline feats, which require the Vistani Heritage feat, are available to Vistani. Now they're available to you, too -- heroic, paragon, and epic tiers, plus the Vistani Execrator paragon path -- thanks to D&D Insider.

The Vistani share their secrets -- both magical and otherwise -- only with those who are also vistani. Once you have been welcomed into a vistani caravan and accepted as a member, you undergo a ritual led by a vistani elder. During the ritual, some of your blood is shared with that of someone in the caravan. As your blood mingles with that of the vistani, your eyes grow dark, and you become one with the rest of the caravan, which grants you access to the feats, powers, and other options available to all vistani.

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims is a mysterious person who wanders the lands and travels the mists between varied duties as a member of RPG R&D for Wizards of the Coast. He is independent of the bonds that shackle the lords to their domains and the folk to their dreary, oppressed existence. One might say he is among the strangest characters in RPG R&D, because in spirit he is free. His works include writing, development, editing, and general troublemaking for D&D Insider, as well as parts of Dungeon Master's Guide, Martial Power, Monster Manual 2, Eberron Campaign Guide and Eberron Player's Guide, and a few official D&D adventures.

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