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Arcane's Gloaming PathD&D Insider Article
Power Play
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Although the Feywild is not the sole origin of arcane magic, it’s a powerful one. The practitioners of fey arcane power are both mysterious and subtle. Some of the most subtle follow the Gloaming Court, which is a confederation of philosopher fey that holds sway over the twilight, romance, dreams, inspiration, epiphany, and dusk. Nontraditionalist, they follow a particular path of arcane enlightenment they call the Gloaming Path. This article offers a small selection of Gloaming Path backgrounds, powers, and familiars available to heroic tier arcane spellcasters.

As the lightning crashed around us on that windswept and hail-battered knoll, I cried out to my master. I pleaded with him to quit this dangerous spell, while never sure my frantic voice broke the din. If he heard me, he ignored me. His eyes aglow with eldritch light, he intoned the fey incantation over and over again. With each verse the world seemed to rumble and crash toward its end. With each syllable he called down our doom.

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    About the Author

    Born on a stormy Christmas day, in our nation’s capital, during the Nixon administration, the stars were definitely wrong when Stephen Radney-MacFarland came screaming into the world. Spending most of his impressionable years as a vagabond and ne’r-do-well, Stephen eventually settled in the Northwest to waste his life on roleplaying games.

    Once that RPGA guy, Stephen is now a developer in RPG R&D where he doesn’t create the traps, he just makes them deadlier. He also teaches a class on roleplaying design for the Art Institute of Seattle, molding the minds of young and upcoming designers. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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