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Power of DragonsD&D Insider Article
By Greg Tito

They say all dragonborn carry the innate power of their larger cousins. Some have learned to access the power that resides in their draconic blood more completely than others. They devote themselves to a cause or join organizations that teach the secrets of unlocking a draconic ancestry. These groups sometimes align themselves with any variety of dragons, but metallic dragons in particular are more interested in the affairs of their more humanoid brethren. Copper or silver, mercury or adamantine, all empowered like-minded dragonborn.

Rumors hint that the mithral dragons of the Astral Sea grant dragonborn and other mortal races alike the ability to commune with them to do their will. The following five paragon paths let your character tap into the power of dragons.

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    About the Author

    Greg Tito is a freelance game journalist, playwright, and theater producer, who also happens to play D&D in his spare time. This is his first article for Dragon magazine.

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