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ChangelingsD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By Matthew J. Hanson

Changelings are a diverse race. Some wear their racial identity proudly, adopting the guise of another race only when they need to do so. Others have a dozen identities and switch between them as though they are switching hats. A few changelings choose to live their life as one race, and often as a single individual. What these changelings sacrifice in breadth they make up for in depth, becoming perfect copies of the race they imitate. These changelings are known as becomers.

You wear your disguise out of fear. You might live in a land where all changelings are hunted, or you might be singled out. Perhaps you were falsely accused of a crime, or witnessed something so unspeakable that the perpetrator cannot bear to let you live. How do you decide who to trust with your identity and who might betray you?

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    About the Author

    Matthew J. Hanson currently lives in Minneapolis Minnesota, where he is pursuing a teaching license (as part of a clever plot to pass on D&D to future generations). His other recent RPG writings include contributions to Azagar’s Book of Rituals and an article in the Spring 2010 issue of Kobold Quarterly Magazine.

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