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Bloodlines of Arkhosia
By Peter Schaefer

None question whether the dragonborn are related to dragons. The scales, the brute strength, and the force of personality make the relationship clear to most people. Additionally, the breath weapon is the race’s ultimate expression of its close kinship with the dragons and the draconic gods. But some dragonborn don't develop their race's characteristic breath weapon. Instead, they inherit the dragons' other great weapon: the overpowering sense of fear that they instill in others.

Dragonborn with no breath weapon manifest their draconic heritage in a different form from most. Instead of a breath weapon, they carry with them the dragonfear. They evoke in others a sense of raw, savage power that sets hairs on edge and forces them to the brink of panic. And when these dragonborn rage, people fumble and try to get away.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer holds the world records for simultaneous paper cuts, fastest reenactment of James Garfields’ assassination, most consecutive recitations of Augustus Gloop’s punishment song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and longest attempted juggle. It is these experiences that give him the mental fortitude necessary to succeed as an RPG developer, working on such projects as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles, in the pursuit of his next world record. He won’t spoil the surprise, but it involves lots and lots of dice.

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