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Winning Races: WildenD&D Insider Article
Bark and Branch, Leaf and Root
By Bruce R. Cordell

You are a wilden. You think, feel, act, and move like any other creature. Yet sap, not blood, flows through your body, and your flesh is more akin to supple wood than skin. But if you are cut, you bleed. If you are cut down, you die. And like any other intelligent creature, you yearn to be accepted and part of a community of friends and good-willed companions.

The more you manifest Aspect of the Ancients, the more ancient secrets of the world ago whisper to you. Ancient sites, old gods, and primeval events seem more familiar. Heroes and villains of yore dance in your visions, and you might find that quests which long ago went unfulfilled seem once again important to you. You could learn of a place long left unprotected that requires a new defender, and that steward might be you. The myth of your own race’s creation plays through your dreams, and you wonder if it holds truth. It doesn’t matter; the myth resonates with your heartwood.

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    About the Author

    Bruce R. Cordell is an Origins and ENnie award-winning game designer whose long list of professional credits includes the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Keep on the Shadowfell, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons and Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead. Bruce is also an author of Forgotten Realms novels, including Plague of Spells, first book in the new "Abolethic Sovereignty" series.

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