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Blood Oasis
Dark Sun Fiction
By Kevin J. Anderson

The blue ocean, the lush harbor, the vibrant city were all swallowed into dust. The waves became dunes, the horizon only an empty basin of powder, the Sea of Silt. Exposed by scouring winds, chains of ivory vertebrae and skulls with chipped fangs marked the long-desiccated carcasses of sea serpents. The minotaur captain, his elf lookout, and the rest of the ship’s crew didn’t notice they were vanishing. She was slipping in time, not them. That Athas, that of the Green Age, was long gone.

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Seawater moved against the hull planks like a lover’s whisper. The yellow sun of Athas was bright, and a westerly breeze stretched the Horizon Finder’s sails, guiding the three-masted carrack toward the seaport of Arkhold. Unexpected spray whipped up from the bow, and Jisanne laughed. She had untied her long brown hair, letting it blow loose and free. She drew a deep breath with a sense of wonder that these sailors did not feel. They didn’t understand how lucky they were to be here.

About the Author

Science fiction and fantasy novelist Kevin J. Anderson was born on March 27, 1962, and raised in Wisconsin. His novels have appeared on national bestseller lists, and he has more than 11 million books in print worldwide. The prolific writer is well known for his immense contributions to the Star Wars and Dune shared worlds, and his solo projects (among them The Saga of Seven Suns septet of epic novels) have achieved tremendous critical and popular acclaim. Outside of novels, Kevin has also written numerous comic books.

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