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Winning Races: EladrinD&D Insider Article
Beyond the Spiral Tower
By Tim Eagon

To eladrin, arcane magic is Corellon’s supreme gift— an art epitomized by the venerable traditions of the swordmage and wizard. However, they are not the only ways of acquiring such power, and one can find representatives of the other arcane classes throughout eladrin society. In particular, artificers and warlocks stand out, though for very different reasons due to the attitudes of the prevailing arcane culture.

Those who pledge themselves to a patron often find that their newfound power quickly alienates them from their fellow students and teachers, and most nascent warlocks soon leave school. Some depart voluntarily. Many others, especially those attending more conservative academies, are expelled. Those that remain either keep their pact secret or are subject to increasing amounts of scrutiny and ostracism.

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    About the Author

    Tim Eagon previously wrote "Oasis of the Golden Peacock" and "Treed!" He someday hopes to write an article that does not feature any fey.

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