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Assassin: ExecutionerD&D Insider Article
Play the Most Dangerous Game
By Rodney Thompson

Assassins embrace shadow magic and pledge a shard of their souls to the Shadowfell to gain their power. By replacing a fundamental part of themselves with a dark reflection, they can manifest that piece of shadow to accomplish incredible things. The infusion of shadow magic allows assassins to identify weak points in an opponent’s defenses so that with a few moments of study they can reduce the stoutest enemies to corpses.

Important Note!

Despite our earlier claim to the contrary, this version of the assassin executioner turns out to not be the final rendition of the class. There was an unfortunate breakdown in communication between the magazine and development teams. We were working according to our schedule, they were working according to theirs, and the two were not the same. As a result, the class published here is close, but not close enough, to the finished product.

The final, all-in-all-done assassin executioner will be ready in December. We're leaving this not-quite-done version available for readers to play and experiment with. Bear in mind that there will be some differences between this version and the fine-tuned one you'll see in December. We'll also have a "Design & Development" article at that time to explain how and why the class changed from its playtest to finished versions.

We apologize for the confusion.

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