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Aberrant SoulsD&D Insider Article
Totem Creatures of the Far Realm
By Galen Mullins and Jim Auwaerter

Throughout the world, there are those who find themselves touched by the Far Realm. Its subtle and horrible influence lingers in them, and they must find a way to deal with their connection to the place beyond. Most try to reject that taint, hoping it will fade with time. The aberrant soul instead strengthens the tie to create a link with a Far Realm denizen. By choosing a particular aberrant creature as their totem, aberrant souls gain some of that creature’s power ... and more importantly, a razor’s edge of control over the corruption that threatens to overwhelm sanity.

Chaos beasts continually change form, and their strength comes from inflicting changes upon their unwilling foes. In taking their form, such as it is, you grow more powerful. Your body does not move like other creatures. You gain the upper hand by warping your limbs and contorting your joints in unnatural ways, leaving your enemies unable to predict your attacks.

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    About the Authors

    Jim Auwaerter hails from a small village off the coast of the Lugotak Sea, far to the north of the Moonsea. Galen Mullins comes from a land of ice and snow. Together, they make a pretty good team. They both welcome feedback on the Wizards Community forums.

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