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Poetry and the Sound of Falling Rain
D&D Fiction
By Ken Scholes

The cemetery on the outskirts of Carthys was layered in mist burned silver by the risen moon. Near the eastern gate, a lantern bobbed, and mumbled curses drifted across row upon row of gravestones.

Shael Mohr watched from the shadows near the wall and smiled. She’d randomly picked the gravestone for him to find early that day, scribbling a quick note that included the name on the marker where she would meet him. After that, it was simple enough to hire a boy to deliver it.

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About the Author

Ken Scholes cut his storytelling teeth on the Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games, along with several other TSR roleplaying games back in the 1980s. He cites it as a major influence in his development as a writer. Since his days as a DM and player, Ken has published short fiction in a variety of venues, now collected in two volumes by Fairwood Press. His five-volume series, The Psalms of Isaak, published by Tor, is receiving international acclaim. Ken lives in Saint Helens, Oregon with his wife and twin daughters. He invites readers to look him up at

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