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D&D Play Spotlight
by Chris Tulach

D&D Experience and Player’s Handbook 3 Game Day are right around the corner. This month, we share more detail on our featured winter gaming convention and talk about what’s in store at your local store during the first Game Day of the new year!

D&D Experience is Where You Want to Be!

As I discussed last month, our feature convention to kick off 2010 is right up on us – January 28-31 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is the place to be to get the inside track on what’s hot and interact with the Wizards staff. If you’re still thinking about attending, here are the details you need about some of our special events. Make sure you sign up by heading to the D&D Experience website today!

Dark Sun: Death in the Arena

Get the first look at the return to Athas as you play through an exciting preview adventure! Each pregenerated character comes loaded with Dark Sun preview material – new races, builds, and other exciting rules options come alive as you battle for glory and your lives in the Stadium of Tyr. The future of the Golden City has been thrown into chaos and doubt, and you must negotiate its dangers to survive! 1st-level pre-generated characters are provided. Games run every day from Thursday through Sunday.

Seminars Galore!

Hit up our awesome seminar schedule below to get tons of new information on upcoming releases, pick game designers’ brains (not as unappealing as it sounds), and participate in creative workshops. For those of you that can’t attend the show, we’ll even be podcasting our seminars right on the D&D website!

Thursday, January 28

2010 D&D Product Overview
Find out what the year has in store for the D&D game as we give an overview of the year’s upcoming releases. Be here when we unveil secrets of the 2010 product line! The presentation will be followed by a short Q&A on the products. Presented by Mike Mearls and Rich Baker. 1 pm.

2010 D&D Play and Community Overview
If you want to know what’s going on in 2010 with D&D Organized Play, including Living Forgotten Realms and our new D&D Encounters program, this is the seminar to attend. In addition, we’ll talk about D&D communities and how you can get involved! The presentation will be followed by Q&A. Presented by Chris Tulach and Trevor Kidd. 3 pm.

Friday, January 29

Save My Game!
Do you have a rules question or a problem at your table? Keep the action flowing and get DM tips as we troubleshoot your game and DMing questions. The Wizards staff takes on all questions and gives you answers. Presented by the Wizards Staff. 1 pm.

Adventure Design Workshop
Go beyond the Dungeon Master’s Guide as Wizards staff members give you a hands-on interactive workshop, discussing adventure design principles while leading the attendees through an audience-created adventure! Presented by Mike Mearls and Robert Schwalb. 3 pm.

Book Signing with Wizards Designers
Mike Mearls and Robert Schwalb will be available to sign D&D books they’ve designed. Stop on by and bring your books! 5 pm.

Saturday, January 30

Beyond the D&D RPG
Dungeons & Dragons is more than just a roleplaying game, and in 2010, we’re expanding the experience even further. Join us as we discuss new expressions for D&D and give updates on some current favorites. Presented by Mike Mearls and Rich Baker. 1 pm.

Athas Unveiled: Dark Sun Returns! Join Dark Sun lead designer Rich Baker as information on the upcoming Dark Sun Campaign Setting is revealed. The harsh world of Athas will be updated to 4th Edition this August, but D&D Experience is your first opportunity to get details about the setting’s renewal and the new character options presented in it. Presented by Rich Baker and Robert Schwalb. 3 pm.

Book Signing with Rich Baker
Author and D&D Game Designer Rich Baker will be available to sign copies of the latest books in his series Blades of the Moonsea. Pick up a copy at the show while supplies last! 5 pm.

Sunday, January 31

2010 D&D Product Overview
If you missed the Thursday presentation, you can get it again here. Presented by Mike Mearls and Rich Baker. 1 pm.

Keep an eye out for Wizards folks, ask us questions about the game, and play until your dice are round all weekend long at the show. I hope to see you there!

Worldwide D&D Game Day: Player’s Handbook 3

Coming up soon – on March 20 – is the first of what promises to be several Game Days spotlighting hot new releases for the D&D game. Celebrate the launch of Player’s Handbook 3 and the complete release of all the psionic classes as you participate in an exclusive adventure called “Beneath the Lonely Tower.” Want a blurb for the adventure? You got it!

Beneath the Lonely Tower
Written by Erik Scott de Bie
In the frontier village of Beorunna’s Well, all is not well. Villagers have disappeared without a trace, and the locals fear to walk alone in the dark. Now, the villagers hear distant cries of terror at night, echoing from an abandoned fortress outside the village. A group of brave heroes must step forward to explore the Lonely Tower and end the threat to Beorunna’s Well. “Beneath the Lonely Tower” is a 6th-level adventure with six pre-generated characters included, all using options from the new Player’s Handbook 3.

Each character presented for play has a new character class from Player’s Handbook 3; four of the characters use the new races from that book as well! All are presented on fantastic laminated character cards. In fact, here’s one now – Izera, the githzerai monk.

In order to get in on the action for Game Day, simply head to your local Wizards Play Network location on Saturday, March 20 for a day of D&D fun. If you don’t know where the closest store running D&D Game Day is located, head to the Wizards Store & Event Locator to find it!

That’s all for now, but I promise some exciting news in the D&D Play Spotlight next month. Keep an eye on the Wizards site in late January and early February for a sneak peek!

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Originally thought to have been raised from a humble Midwestern family, Chris Tulach actually fell to Earth in a meteorite-shaped capsule flung from a planet far outside our galaxy. While under the yellow rays of Sol, Chris’s nerdity far surpasses that of any normal human. Using this precious gift only for good, he has become the D&D Organized Play Content Developer, responsible for the development and deployment of Dungeons & Dragons organized play programs. He is also the co-author of E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls.

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