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VaasaD&D Insider Article
by Brian R. James

Carved by sweeping glaciations, scalded by dragons’ breath, and trampled upon by armies of titans, Vaasa is a primeval land—a remnant of a lost age when the elder races inhabited Abeir-Toril. Fortunes can be made in Vaasa, for those willing to risk its dangers. Despite ostensible rule by the Warlock Knights, much of Vaasa remains untamed wilderness beyond their influence. Scattered amid the muddy northern plains lie hard-edged stones deposited by ice sheets and blasted by war. Woodlands here are small and infrequent, the few standing copses dominated by the sharptipped skeletons of long-dead timber. Among the frozen tundra and soft, sucking bogs there is beauty, primal and cold.

They may send legions in the thousands to stop us, but they will fail. They may send paladins by the score to smite us, but they too will fail. By the Will of the Voice, the soul of Vaasa belongs to Telos, and through his might the Warlock Knights cannot fall.

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    About the Author

    Brian R. James lives in the Seattle area with his wife and four children in a house full of geek paraphernalia. His freelance design credits include The Grand History of the Realms, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead, Dragon Magazine Annual, Underdark, and the forthcoming Demonomicon sourcebook. Follow Brian online at

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