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by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

The Hand of Naarash—a sect of the church of Bane—has long been a plague to the mostly peaceful denizens of the borderlands. So when the noble paladin Jaryn set out from the stronghold of the Light of the Sun to destroy the Hand and bring peace to the region, the sun shone down brightly, as if Pelor himself blessed the enterprise. Now three years have passed, and the Hand seems to have grown only stronger—while no word of Jaryn or his companions has been heard. As stories of burned out settlements and slaughtered families filter into more civilized lands, followers of Bane have become more prominent. Someone must retrace Jaryn’s steps, find the Hand’s center of power, and destroy their leadership before all the borderlands fall under the control of Bane’s dark church.

For five years, the Hand of Naarash has extended its dark hold over the borderlands. This cult of Bane was born in the Moonsfall Mountains, spreading across the frontiers of fallen Nerath and into settled lands. The cult’s death squads target isolated settlements for “cleansing”—the folk of the frontier given the choice of joining the Hand or accepting the salvation of death…

About the Author

Scott Fitzgerald Gray (9th-level layabout, vindictive neutral) started gaming in high school and has worked as a writer and editor much of the time since then. After belatedly realizing he could combine both vocations in 2004, he’s been making up for lost time as a freelance RPG editor and designer, primarily for Wizards of the Coast. He lives in the Canadian hinterland with a schoolteacher, two daughters, and a large number of animal companions.

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