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Treed!D&D Insider Article
Side Trek for 7th-Level Characters
by Tim Eagon

Not long ago, a particularly vicious owlbear blundered through a fey crossing into the world. Bewildered by its abrupt transposition and unfamiliar with its new surroundings, the owlbear went on a deadly rampage through the woodlands nearby, driving out all other predators before claiming a barren stretch of land on the edge of the forest as its own. "Treed!" is a D&D Side Trek for five characters of 7th level. It is easily adaptable to any campaign's needs. While it takes place in a barren stretch of land near a forest, you can relocate the encounter to any area appropriate to your campaign.

The Graythicket tribe of elves has long called the woodlands that bear their name their home. They have also always known that the temperamental portal to the Feywild in their woods might someday prove problematic. But despite their knowledge and vigilance, trouble has arrived from their ancient home, in the form of an angry, vicious owlbear.

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    About the Author

    "Oasis of the Golden Peacock" was Tim Eagon's first published RPG work, in Dungeon #169. "Treed!" was originally an encounter included as part of that adventure, but the owlbear seemed to recquire a life (and an adventure) all its own.

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