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The Gloaming City
by Matt James

The city of Ikemmu sits on the very edge of the Ramparts of Night, a bottomless chasm in the Underdark. And its sister city, also called Ikemmu, sits in the Shadowdark. Portals link the two, allowing the denizens of the city to cross easily between the planes -- and offering limitless possibilities for commerce and adventure both worlds.

Wispy strands of gray matter float endlessly in the colorless expanse that is the Shadowfell. In a city that is known for being a source of exotic trade, Ikemmu is a hardy and militant enclave. Meanwhile, deeply removed from the invigorating sun that exists on the surface, the shadowy sister-haven of Ikemmu resides within the caliginous and ominous caverns of the Underdark. It, too, serves as a massive hub of trade and commerce for the two planes and is the source of Ikemmu's recent emergence as one of the more powerful of the shadow enclaves. Mystical spires tower over the city and offer insight into its ancient creators. What dangers lurk just outside the vertical expanses of Ikemmu is largely unknown, but one truth cannot be denied -- this shadar-kai city serves as bastion of power in both the Underdark and the Shadowfell.

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    About the Author

    Matt James is a disabled combat veteran, having earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart from his recent service in the United States Army. When not freelance writing for Dungeons & Dragons, he works on developing his website ( Follow Matt online at james_fr.

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